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Hi, I am Julia.

I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach & Energy Healer
Founder of Art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life
Creator of the SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCE Cleansing
Self-confidence & Education Consultant
Expert in Energy & Emotional Management

I teach students, individuals, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, managers who struggle in life, feel unhappy, are chronically in pain, fail, feel different and not ok (e.g. highly sensitives, HSP, INFPs Empaths) how to build inner SUBSTANCE, increase self-esteem & self-confidence to be happy, healthy & successful in life.

P.S If you want to live and work with people who are different, e.g. highly sensitives and creatives in a more efficient way and create better relationships, you are here at the right place, too.

Discover how I mastered the art of a
different, happy, healthy AND successful life.



Today I feel happy, healthy AND successful, but it has not always been that way. When I quit my parent’s house I felt lost, struggling in my relationships, at work, and in my overall life, not knowing what I needed in life and who I was, often feeling different. Still, years later, after having finished my studies, I felt unhappy, overwhelmed, chronically ill. I was wondering what school was for because even if I had two university diploma, a great job, I felt struggling in my life. One day someone said to me: I don’t know why you are lacking so much self-confidence. It was the day when I began a long journey. After having researched for years on the topic, I discovered self-confidence is important in order to be happy, healthy and successful in life, but it is not enough. I created the SUBSTANCE-formula, a 9 step roadmap to build inner SUBSTANCE and to master the art of a happy, healthy and successful life. And it worked. Today I know that we can be different, happy, healthy and successful in life, have a job we love, create longlasting and healthy relationships, improve our health, get rid of chronic pain, have success, be self-confident when we have the right skills & tools.

living an authentic life highly sensitive & creative

You are STRUGGLING in life, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence?
Feeling stuck & not ok, like a black sheep, INSECURE, like a failure?

Let’s get your life under control: you can be different and feel OK, self-CONFIDENT, secure,
healthy & successful
in any situation of your life.


Here you will find powerful & inspiring tools
to build inner SUBSTANCE, develop your self-confidence and self-esteem
and to feel happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, and your daily life path.

Choose below area you want to build inner SUBSTANCE

A different, happy, healthy & successful life

Different, happy, healthy & successful at work

Different, happy, healthy & successful relationship

Different, happy, healthy & successful children

 You love to read? Learn skills to build inner SUBSTANCE, self-confidence and
live a different, happy, health & successful life. Get my practical guides here.

Realize your dream life in 5 simple steps

Are you unhappy with your current life? Not living YOUR life but a life that you thought you need to? Feeling different and not ok for wanting something different? You feel it should be different or you should do things differently, may you even tried to change, but then you listened again to others AND you are unhappy. Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day!
Creating a life that suits you, living in harmony with your values, being different from others, and still feeling happy and healthy. It is possible!
Get my 5 strategy NOW. Click on the red button to get my practical guide on Amazon.

Increase your self-esteem & build inner SUBSTANCE in 9 simple steps

Imagine you feel ok, safe in life, happy and successful. Even in times of problems, you will get out easily, you feel light and positive about life, having high self-esteem, having good health, enough time. Your reality is different? You are struggling in life in one or more areas, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, out of control, unhappy, suffering from pain and failure? Maybe you have not learned the skills you need to have control over your life, to feel safe and confident in all areas of your life. Learn to build inner SUBSTANCE in 9 simple steps and set a solid foundation for a happy, healthy & successful life NOW. Click on the red button to get my practical guide on Amazon.

Raise self-confident, happy, healthy AND successful children with my 9 step SUBSTANCE-formula

You want your child to be happy, healthy & successful in life? You feel scared or overwhelmed? You want to make sure your child will have good physical and mental health, being able to build long-lasting relationships at work and in the private context and minimize troubles. Learn in 9 simple steps how to help you child to build inner SUBSTANCE and set a solid foundation for a happy, healthy & successful life. Click on the red button to get my practical guide on Amazon.

Are you ready for a different, happy, healthy & successful life?

Coaching programms: Build inner SUBSTANCE
develop self-confidence & self-esteem

Your life is a struggle? You suffer from permanent doubts about yourself and your life? Getting easily influenced by what others say not being MASTER of your own life? You have the impression you are not important and your needs do not count? Others a better? You are unhappy, lack SELF-CONFIDENCE, let other people control your life and thoughts? As a result, you have permanent ANGER or frustration, confusion about your life, your intuitive insights, your feelings? You suffer from chronic pain, constant CONFLICTS & doing constant efforts…
Is this familiar to you? Sometimes we have not learned important skills for building inner SUBSTANCE and high self-esteem life when we were a child. In this program, you will discover all you need to build inner SUBSTANCE to develop self-acceptance and self-love, feel ok, be self-confident, be assertive, and set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in life.

Get rid of your emotional and energetical blocks to free YOUR inner SUBSTANCE

You are unhappy, difficulties to handle your emotions, you suffer from pain or have no success in life? Free yourself permanently from any energetical & emotional blockages, past trauma, unhealthy patterns and unconscious negative beliefs.

Get rid of your self-doubts in 3 weeks. Start living your HSP, INFPs, empath & creative potential fully!

Waking up one morning feeling different AND ok, confident. Living fully your potential and an authentic life, a life that fits your personality of a Highly sensitive, creative, empath, or INFP!
In my 3 weeks intensive program we will free you from self-doubts and set the foundation for a strong inner SUBSTANCE.

 Let yourself be inspired

Here you will get simple-creative, intuitive, natural and efficient tools that are fun,
inspire and help you to feel safe, strong, self-confident, proud, creative, beautiful and calm and
lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life. You not only get tools that will make you feel better immediately,
but tools you can use over and over again, every single day and get permanent change. And I have all tested them for you! (-:




 Results you can expect when working with me.

You’ll :

  • know & understand yourself, strengthen your self-esteem, gain more (self)-confidence
  • attract the positive, raise your vibrations, get rid of negative energy & beliefs, protect against toxic situations
  • shine and show you fully, know how to market and promote your self
  • live a healthier life, feel better in your body, be more centered, become aware of the causes for your pain
  • increase your communication skills, create better relationships, understand & handle people with different personnalities
  • be authentic in every situation, stay true to yourself and with others
  • be seen, heard and overcome conflicts (at work, with spouses, children, friends), better handle criticism
  • create an environment (work, relationships, etc.) that makes you feel good, inspired, and proud
  • ride and identify your emotions (anger, reducing jealousy, anxiety and stress)
  • feel calm, in peace, secure, energetic, autonomous and happy
  • organise yourself better, achieve your goals, move forward with your creative projects and finalise them
  • have more time for yourself, your partner, your friends
  • attract more Love, Happiness, Passion, Energy, Success and MONEY.

You want to get personalised advice or 1:1 coaching
on how to build inner SUBSTANCE, get more self-confidence, raise self-esteem
and master the art of  a happy, healthy AND successful life?

Contact me to book your
private coaching or energy healing session

The first small step to your new life starts here

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